Medical Technology

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New Technology in Health Care Delivery Name: Institution: Abstract Rising expenditure in healthcare has created concerns on how quality can be improved at relatively lower costs. With the success of technological advancements in several other sectors such as communication and transport, innovations in the health sector may thus solve some of the issues being faced in the industry. Some of the achievements of new technology will include reduced health care costs, improved quality of services, empowering citizens to actively participate in health care agendas, and information integration. Through new and better ways of operations, cost of care can be effectively reduced. Ease and fast accessibility to medical care advance the quality of services. Empowering individuals to take a more active role and concern in health matters will lead to better decision making. Integration of health data ensures that the most current data is put in the forefront to ensure comprehensive patient care. A healthier nation will be attained when the public is more aware. New Technology in Health Care Delivery The health of a nation is considered a measure of the people's standard living hence perhaps the reason as to why most of the government spending goes to the medical sector. In the wake of seeking ways to improve health care delivery, there are concerns about how to do so at minimal costs. Reduction of costs does not, however, imply compromise of quality. Technological advancements have been successful in simplifying and improving operations in sectors such as transport, manufacturing, and communication. New technology in health care delivery may be the solution to reducing health

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