Media Manipulation in The Hunger games vs. current election

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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Media Manipulation in The Hunger Games Propaganda is the spreading of misleading information with the purpose of promoting a particular point of view in a community. Prolific writers like Suzanne Collins never write literature materials just for entertainment purpose. The content of their materials has a deeper meaning that reflects the issues in society. The hunger games demonstrate the role of media in spreading propaganda and conceal the most important political issues affecting society. In today's society, the media has its way of manipulating information to influence the behavior of civilians towards some political regimes. Hunger games political development is embedded on propaganda spread by the press. The media can use propaganda to shift the attention of the public. Even though the media is supposed to be “the public’s eyes and ears” by providing reliable information to the public, the game of hunger presents a scenario where the media would only provide information that favors one side of the whole story. The media succeeds by giving a piece of information that would change public opinions or cause rebellion. Furthermore, they make the missing piece of information to appear rather irrelevant to the citizens. For example, people in Panem exclaim that they wonder why social information about people in the districts was restricted even though they seem harmless (Collins, 246). Furthermore, citizens have regarded such information useless, as it would not contribute to their income (50). Similarly, the media influences public concerns I politics. For instance in the most recent presidential nomination way

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