Media Bias

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Name Instructor Course Date Media Bias How is the media, biased, more towards progressive-liberal values, conservative values or in both directions depending on the specific media outlets you may access? Explain your response. Media plays an integral role in disseminating information to the public. It is a medium of information propagation that many rely on to keep abreast of what is happening around them. There are several singled out cases of media being biased on reporting. These cases go against the ethical code of journalism and should be actively advocated against. Media bias involves reporting that conceals some message and only highlights a point of view that suits the journalist covering it. This paper will address the media bias towards progressive-liberal values and conservative values within our settings. It will also highlight practical examples of the same. Media bias on progressive-liberal values Progressive /liberals believe that the government should be on the forefront of promoting equality among its citizens while at the same time ensuring that it protects civil liberties and human rights of its citizens. Progressive values tend to critique the existing systems with the aim of improving them. It tries to better the traditions and values in place through looking them at a different dimension all in the effort of ensuring that everyone’s interest is catered for constitutionally. Media has shown bias towards progressive values more. They highlight every move of the government and put them under a microscope for critiquing to ensure that they make decisions deemed progressive. A practical example can get drawn from the calls by the media on

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