MED3ABS reflection on teamwork

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MED3ABS Reflection on Teamwork Name Institution MED3ABS Reflection on Teamwork In the process of enhancing my learning development, I engaged in the teamwork project that aimed at identifying favipiravir (T-705) as a potential drug for treatment of influenza. The project was given the clinical trial Phase iii where it acts as a viral RNA polymerase inhibitor. My team had five members each with specific sectional tasks to do and worked together on the project to produce the report and presentation in PowerPoint. The experience in teamwork made me understand how two or more people with a common interest can work together (Manser, 2009). At the same independently carrying out the group dynamics with the help of communication and varying knowledge and still manage to interact and reach a consensus. Random selection of parallel groups’ designs was used then split tasks into five sections each with an investigator to meet the deadline. Everyone’s opinion was welcome, so I proposed the use of the computer to help in generating the numbers through which was better compared to having the numbers set first. I was actually against the idea of specifying the numbers. Collectively, we were to do a comparison between those patients with influenza and receiving treatment and those not being treated. I did this diligently while keeping a constant interaction with the team to discuss the presentation. We often met weekly to compare different results of the lab for the current and previous week to discover some changes. I always played the role of implementing all that we had agreed as a team where I elaborated on the best system to use to generate the numbers. As well I

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