Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Militant Nonviolence” Philosophy

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Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Militant Nonviolence" Philosophy Luther King Jr. was a black American pastor who led the civil rights movement in America from 1955 to 1968 when he was violently killed. He was the founder of the militant nonviolence philosophy. Under his leadership, Luther Jr. used his eloquence to blend the movement into a powerful force. The theory required the African-Americans to shun passive resignation and use violence only when proposed by the advocates of the black movement. To him, violence was unruly and against the Christian teachings. The theory was thus born out of painful and demanding praxis that ended up bringing him opposition and led to his imprisonment and later death. The philosophy was a dream of a state with no segregation; where privileges and property were fairly distributed; an equality of opportunities; where people held resources for the service of humanity; and where dignity and humanity prevailed. The Militant nonviolence theory started in a rather dramatic and unexpected way in 1955. By then, most of the blacks were being mistreated. However, King’s theory called on the blacks to refrain from violence since they were the minority groups. What made the assumption of violence more challenging was that there were few African-Americans registered as voters. As a result, they were powerless. Through the prayer pilgrimage to Washington, King appealed to the legislation to accord the blacks the right to vote. In the appeal, he assured the federal government that they would respect the law and nonviolently implement the 17th May 1954 decision of the Supreme Court. To enforce their quest for rights, the blacks adopted nonviolent methods

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