Marriage and Economics

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Marriage and Economics Student’s Name Institution affiliation Abstract Marriage plays a critical role in the economic prosperity of households across New Zealand. Many feminist theories have been developed by different women writers basing their arguments on marriage and economics. My paper will be based on Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s writing “Women and Economics” so as to expound on my topic on marriage and economics. Perkins lived at a time of tremendous upheaval in the history of her country that was characterized by civil war, an industrial revolution, women movements and many other activities. The events made her act as a commentator on the evolving social order, especially on its effects on women. She used her talent and energies to understanding the world and her place in it and extended the insights to other women. On the same note, she was raised with customary prospects about marital life, but she got confined in a calamitous matrimony that led to annulment and joint trusteeship of her spawn with her earlier partner. Consequently, she was detested by her kinfolk and associates for her indecent activities and relocated to California. Her deviance from customary models of marriage made her comprehend the constrictions of economic liberty in the lives of females in America. Therefore, this paper shall apply the usage of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s work “Women and Economics” so as to demonstrate how her ideas are relevant to the lives of women in contemporary Aotearoa. On the same note, the paper shall address the topic “Marriage and Economics” by discussing the concepts presented in Gilman’s works with a friend and note down the results of

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