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Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Marketing Analysis In an economic perspective, based on the information provided about shoppers at the store in Brooklyn, I believe Basketball Two will sell the most. When you compare Basketball Two with Basketball One and Three, you will notice that Basketball Two offers more options than the other two. In more details, Basketball Two is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use while Basketball One and Three are restricted for outdoor and indoor use purposes respectively. When you look at the customer survey, you will note that a significant 35% of the respondents like to investigate the available options prior to purchasing a product. On the other hand, 31% prefer to see, touch and test a product prior to purchasing (Strayer University Website 2). In this case, we can conclude that since Basketball Two offers more options, it will have more sales. Indeed, since this particular store is located in Brooklyn, the assumption that the “buy a ball and see a nets game” promotion approach might fetch the most sales since it seems to be logical. Nevertheless, it is also logical to argue that it offers no sure guarantee of that. The prospect that one will get a 20% price cut after buying a ball seems to be extremely attractive. Additionally, this promotional approach offers the best value for money and customers will be excited to purchase their favorite ball. In fact, 35% of the respondents from the customer's survey said that they like to investigate the available options prior to purchasing a product (Strayer University Website 4). People like saving money, therefore, a 20% off discount offer will fetch the most

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