Marjory Stoneman Douglas

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date of submission Marjory Stoneman Douglas Some of the legislation and policies implemented today are as a result of continued efforts and campaigns of particular individuals in history who made it their mission to fight for a better society. Despite the odds being against, such heroes stood their ground, and their legacy still lives on through the changes they brought to the community. The conservation of the environment has been a contentious issue for decades, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas was on the frontline fighting for the preservation of the Miami's Everglades that were on the verge of encroachment by human settlement. She became influential in the 1900s, where through her articles and short stories she shone a light on the plans to drain and reclaim the region for housing and development purposes. Although she spent the greater part of her adult life as an environmentalist and journalist in Miami, she was born in April 1890 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Throughout her childhood years, she showed her passion for stories and writing talents. Douglas received an award at the age of seventeen for a publication made in the Boston Herald. A few years after her birth, Marjory’s parents divorced following a sporadic mental condition that her mother Lillian contracted. The outcome of the split was that she had to move to her mother’s hometown of Taunton, Massachusetts where her talents manifested even the more (Douglas, 39). According to history, Douglas had a happily living with her mother, and the influence of well-educated women in her life ensured that she was educated. After finishing high school, she

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