maritime migration in the UAE

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Maritime Migration in the UAE Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Maritime Migration in the UAE Prior to the unearthing of oil in the UAE, the state had attracted flows of migrants ranging from traders to seasonal workers. Notably, the 1973 oil boom encouraged maritime migration to the UAE as large numbers of foreign workers continued to flock the federation, which consists of seven territories (De Bel-Air, 2015). Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah have experienced significant population increases over the past two decades due to the influx of migrant workers. It is critical to note that the declining oil prices during the 2000s motivated the UAE to hire vast numbers of foreign workers across the world (De Bel-Air, 2015). The state yearns to broaden its wealth and decrease its reliance on oil exports by supporting maritime migration. After developing robust master plans aimed at monitoring development progress, each of the Emirates discovered an enormous workforce gap for labor-intensive activities related to construction and infrastructure expansion. It is for this intention that the UAE encouraged maritime migration to satisfy its increasing demand for labor. Contemporary growth in the UAE is often associated with its extensive and exceptionally prompt development plans supported by oil wealth. For several years now, the UAE has always encouraged maritime migration due to its low resident population scope that could not satisfy the amount of labor required to sustain the planned projects. As the demand for labor intensified, the UAE recognized that maritime migration is the most efficient solution for harmonizing its workforce inadequacy (Hamza, 2015). A

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