Many historians argue over the main causes of the Russian Revolution 1917

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Abstract The 1917 Russian Revolution is a 20th-century event that transformed not only Russia's future but also that of the world. The causes of this revolution remain to be a topic of discussion among historians. This paper uses different History books to analyze the views of Soviet, libertarian, liberal and revisionist historians regarding the causes of the Russian Revolution of 1917. The Soviet historians believe that the Bolshevik party, whose leader was Lenin, was the leading cause of the revolution. Lenin mobilized the masses and influenced them to resist a corrupt government. On the other hand, Libertarians believe that peasants, soldiers and ordinary workers started a revolution for their interest which included the need for self-management at the factories and necessary provisions. Further, according to liberal historians, World War I, the post-1905 emergence of a liberal democracy along Western ideals and a well-organized Bolshevik group, contributed to the revolution. Finally, this research indicates that the revisionists argue that the revolution was as a result of structural changes, Bolshevism, Russia’s polarization and the fall of the Tsarist regime. Keywords: 1917 Russian Revolution, Soviet, libertarian, liberal, revisionist, Bolshevik The Primary Causes of the Russian Revolution 1917 Introduction The 1917 Russian Revolution refers to a 20th-century uprising that ended the Romano and Russian Imperial dynasties but paved the way for the rise of Bolshevism. This event not only transformed Russia but also significantly shaped Europe and the world at large. Just like any other generation,

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