Mako Shark

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Student’s NameTutor Course Date Mako Shark The mako shark known scientifically as Isurus Oxyrinchus is a diverse type of shark found around the world. The mako sharks are well distributed across the world in different waters that are some live in cold waters as others live in warm temperatures. At the same time, others prefer staying close to the shores in shallow water whereas others prefer deep water areas (Hurst 5). The majority of the mako sharks are located within the water surrounding Tahiti. The Mako sharks have a defined reproduction process and physical measurements, age, and growth, as well their mobility rate. The mako sharks reproduce by giving birth to the young ones. Their offspring measures about 57-69 cm fork length (FL) (Passarelli, Knickle, and DiVittorio par. 18). The males in New Zealand have been found to mature at 180-185 cm FL while females are at275-285 cm FL. Despite the uncertainty of the gestation period it is believed to be about 18 months and a two to three-year gap between pregnancies (Passarelli, Knickle, and DiVittorio par. 18). Moreover, the longest physically measured female from the Indian ocean appeared to be about 351 cm FL, even though it is possible that they acquire a measure of about or more than 366 cm FL. Additionally, the approximation of the mako shark age and growth are generated by counting the vertebral growth bands. The bands are presumed to be formed after every year. The females and males grow at an equal rate to the age of 7-9 years where the females growth rate supersedes that of the females. At this age the males are mature, but females have to get to about 19-21 years to attain maturity. Lastly, Mako

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