Mahatma Gandhi ( Mohandas Karanchand Gandhi)

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Mahatma Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi was an Indian leader that was revered worldwide for his characteristic philosophy of nonviolent passive resistance. He was a key figure during the struggle for independence in India. Moreover, Mahatma Gandhi was also known for his activism work, which he started as an immigrant in the South Africa (Howard 479). According to Fischel & Richard, Mahatma Gandhi was also known for his “ascetic lifestyle where he used only to dress in a loincloth together with the shawl” (41). This type of dressing was characteristic dressing code for the Hindu faith. As an activist, Mahatma Gandhi suffered a great deal on behalf of the less privileged and the oppressed in the society. He was imprisoned on several occasions and even went through several hunger strikes as a way of protesting against the oppressive regime and injustices in India. Apart from fighting for the rights of the less fortunate in the society, Mahatma Gandhi also took center stage as far as linking both Muslims and Hindus living in India together is concerned. However, the good work of the Mahatma Gandhi was cut short in the year 1948 when he was shot dead by the Hindu fundamentalist in Delhi (Fischel & Richard 43). It can be argued that Mahatma Gandhi was an exemplary leader, therefore, the paper will strive at covering the lessons that can be learned from his life. Such lessons include the need to lead a simple and productive life, the need to be yourself and selfless, and to keep in mind that the mind is always stronger than the body. Lead a simple and productive life From the life of the Mahatma Gandhi, there are several

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