Magical Realism

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Name Tutor Course Date The use of Magical Realism in Caribbean Literature The literacy device of magical realism is often employed in Afro Caribbean literature. Magical realism is an artistic or literacy genre whereby naturalistic techniques and realistic narratives are combined with bizarre elements of fantasy or dream to create the literature core pillars of the Afro Caribbean literature. Sometimes, these narratives are backed up with particular references to the place that the magic happened. Magical realism includes enthralling elements into common stories. Magical elements have traditionally played a role in African literature and African Diaspora literature, this includes the Caribbean. A quick web-search will disclose countless books, academic papers, and articles which talk about this aspect of magical realism being applied in Caribbean literature. Brown girl in the ring, a traditional dance song in the Indies is one perfect example of this aspect of magical realism. The history of African literature suggests that magical realism was a prevalent method in African literature. Storytelling, which was the main form of passing across literature was full of magical realism. One of the reasons as to why this method was so prevalent was because, in the African societies, magic was a common practice that many believed in and had faith in their supernatural power. Therefore, incorporating it in literature only seemed obvious. Caribbean's were African slaves who had been imported to America during the slave trade. When these slaves were imported, they came together, combined their different cultures and came up with one unique blended African American culture,

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