M5 Written Assignment: Research Paper on Childhood Trauma and Loss

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Childhood Trauma and Loss: Children who Have Experienced War and Political Conflict Name Institution Brief Summary Reports of political tensions and conflicts resulting from power struggles are often reported across the globe. Victims of such tensions are mostly children and women who undergo serious levels of trauma. With the ever-increasing political tensions across the globe, over 20 million children and adolescents are raised in war chaos (Herman, 2015). In the past decade, more than 2 million children have been killed, 1 million separated from caregivers, 7 million have been left disabled, and more than 30 million have been left homeless. In a recent report, Punamaki et al. (2015) brought the subject of childhood trauma to the international attention of policymakers and researchers. The report established that children and adolescents who experience war are significantly confronted with the challenge with challenges associated with exploitation, violence, physical harm, loss as well as fear (Herman, 2015). Concerning the importance of addressing the challenges children and adolescents in war-torn regions face, this paper discusses most common effects associated with the trauma on children at varying ages and stages of development and the various factors, which can be utilized to protect children from the negative impact of trauma and assist in building resilience. After providing an extensive discussion of the above elements, the various treatments and interventions approach to addressing these emerging challenges will be discussed. Concerning the various issues discussed in this paper, it is worth to note that even though children and adolescent in war-torn

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