M5 Discussion: Trauma and the Developing Brain

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Trauma and the Developing Brain Name Institution Trauma and the Developing Brain Through the video, I learn that a child’s brain development is critical and begins at a very early stage. People have an assumption that trauma is a thing for the adults. There is a belief that children are innocent and safe from any form of distress. However, I now understand that children also experience trauma right from the time they are in their mothers’ wombs. The condition affects a child’s future development. Exposure to high level of stress or fearful events during the infancy stage and early childhood affects a child’s brain development. Hence, a child’s mental safety is critical. Parents and guardians need to ensure that children are born and raised in an emotionally safe environment. The human brain is both a sensory, processing, storage and perceiving organ. Also, it acts as the tool for connecting information between the external and internal surroundings. Brain networking has pathways called neurons. The blocks automate a regulatory system for the brain. Neurons are sequential and dependent on repetitive events. Accordingly, trauma disrupts the neural pattern and impairs the ability of the brain to regulate emotions. With no doubt, I realize that the role of parenting, especially the mothers, is overstretched. Parents not only cater for a child’s primary requirements but also the emotional needs. As such, how a parent chooses to relate to a child has an impact on the child’s brain development. Since brain advancement is dependent on a child’s emotional experiences; a parent’s choice of world’s or general habits determines how the child turns

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