M2 Discussion: Engagement and Counseling Skills in a First Session. M2

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M2 Discussion: Engagement and Counseling Skills in a First Session Name Institution Date Dr. Oaklander ways of engaging Blake in the counseling session and building a relationship Dr. Oaklander used creative counseling approach to tap the visual, auditory, and experimental learning style belonging to Blake. Through creative counseling, angry Blake goes through a learning process and manages her anger. Through modeling clay, she drew her attention and focus, which relaxed her feelings and created comfort with Dr. Oaklander (Schimel and Jacobs, 2011). Dr. Oaklander used contact notion to help her offer therapy to Blake through having contact with self and environment. Dr. Oaklander believes that ideal contact involves having person’s intellect, emotions, senses, and body present to solve a problem. A good contact ensures that all self-aspects meet personal and environmental needs. According to Dr. Oaklander’s withdrawal and contact are counterparts. When people have contact with their situations they feel free to open up. However, contact is broken where there is withdrawal. Some clients withdraw to feel safe from certain situations. Three micro skills that Dr. Oaklander used in this session and examples for each Attending behavior Dr. Oaklander realizes that relationship is important to nature people carefully. It forms the foundation of therapeutic process and is a powerful therapy. Dr. Oaklander remains himself without using teacher and other patronizing forces. She does not judge and manipulate others. She does not place expectations on any client although she remains optimistic. She accepts people as they are, through accepting their rhythms and being

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