Locating Potential Funding Sources

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Grant Proposal Name: Institution: Grant Proposal Part 1: Needs Statement Many countries are increasingly recognizing health as a critical aspect of the economic and human development in Africa. As a result, many nations are increasing the investments in reforms and actions to help better the health outcomes of this region and speed up the progress towards attaining the Millennium Development Goals. The African Union has reiterated the national political will of various African leaders to “put health at the forefront of development” through acts like the Abuja Declaration that was signed in 2001 to increase every government’s health funding, and the Addis Ababa and Ouagadougou declaration. Funding the healthcare sector is one of the critical areas that provide a significant opportunity to transform this political will and commitments into results. Financing health is also a key aspect in steering nations towards the aim of universal health coverage; a goal to develop the health systems of all countries that has gained the support of all WHO and UN member states. Developing a robust financing system for the health sector is a common goal for every nation around the world. Even developed countries are finding it increasingly hard to sustain the spiraling costs of healthcare amidst the present economic downturn. The Kenyan health sector, especially in northern Kenya, is significantly underfunded and depends heavily on non-profit organizations to bridge the gap. Health issues like malnutrition, Malaria, Bilharzia, and other lifestyle issues like family planning are a grave concern in the region. The rampant population increase within the area, and the

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