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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Model literary biography of Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882) Ruth Hankins and Reverend William Emerson lived in Boston, Massachusetts when they gave birth to Ralph Emerson. Emerson’s father died in 1811, eight years after his birth. After the death of Emerson’s father, Emerson’s mother and aunt took care of him. However, Emerson’s aunt died before he became an adult (Emerson 1). Emerson is known for his contributions as an essayist, lecturer, and a poet. He introduced the concept of individualism, freedom and the ability of man to realize anything through intuition. He led the transcendentalist movement in the 19th century. Emerson’s education started in 1812 at Boston Latin School. In 1817, Emerson joined Harvard College. As a freshman, Emerson took the task of freshman’s Messager. In Harvard, Emerson was interested in poetry and therefore participated as the class poet. Four years after joining college, he graduated from his studies (Emerson 1). Ten years after his graduation, he married Ellen Louisa, his first wife. After two years of marriage, his wife died as a result of tuberculosis. Emerson was serving as a junior minister at the Second church when his wife died. The death of his wife was the begging of his doubts towards his belief and faith. When the Church realized his situation, they fired him. In 1837, Emerson released his first publication the “nature.”During the same year, he began his career as a lecturer at Masonic Temple, Boston, where he taught philosophy of history (Emerson 1). After the death of his son in 1844, he wrote a poem titled Threnody, which he used to communicate his grief for the

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