Literary Biography Anton Chekhov

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Anton Pavlovich Chekhov On 29th January 1860, a great writer was born. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was a great writer born in the port town of Taganrog, South Russia and his great work is still relevant in the modern world. Chekhov’s mother Yevgenia Yakovlevna Morozov was a daughter of a popular cloth merchant. Chekhov’s father, Pavel Yegorovitch, was a grocer. A third born in a family of six children, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov’s work can be described as ambitious, tragic, ironic, bizarre and full of action. The work inspires readers to think beyond their environment, provoke them and sometimes even mock them with the intent of making them see the reality that is often hidden beneath the daily events and superficial deceptions presented by life. Anton’s childhood was marked with fun and adventure. His family could be considered to be middle-class in pre-revolution Russia where Anton and his siblings played tennis and spent leisurely moments at their grandfather’s house. Anton was the most playful and inquisitive of his siblings where he made jokes and engaged in other great activities. Anton’s father had a shop where Anton and his siblings worked to support their father. It is from this shop where Anton met people and who could form the basis of his work’s characters and plot ideas. Anton loved reading, and this explains his love for writing. He could be found most of the time in Taganrog town library. This experience helped Chekov develop an idea for his titles and characters such as Antonsha Chekhonte and later dozens of great stores that are still relevant in the modern world. In 1888, his autobiography

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