List of the Landmarks in Dublin

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Name Date List of the Landmarks in Dublin Kingsbridge The point of departure to Cork which is in the South. The location comes into view when Stephen travels to Cork, in the South, with his father, Simon, from Kingsbridge using the night mail (Joyce 76). Kingsbridge, in this case, is what is known as the Hueston Station. Maryborough Location passed by Stephen and his father on their way to Cork. Mallow A second location where the train passed as Simon and Stephen travelled south to Cork. In the text, Joyce states that Stephen fell asleep when they arrived at Maryborough and when waking up, the train had passed Mallow (Joyce 76). Kent Station The arrival station in Cork Lower Glanmire Road The road lies on the west side of Kent Station in which Stephen and his father travel into the city using a jingle. MacCurtain Street (West) Stephen and his father ride into MacCurtain Street which in the past was regarded as the King Street. Bridge Street To arrive at the Victoria Hotel, Simon and Stephen had to pass across River Lee which is in the South. Victoria Hotel Stephen and his father signed in into the hotel which is viewed to be located on the Southern Side of Saint Patrick Street. The Newcombe’s Coffeehouse Simon and Stephen drank coffee in the coffeehouse which is located at the end of the block of Victoria Hotel. According to the text, “They had set out early in the morning from Newcombe’s coffeehouse, where Mr. Dedalus’s cup had rattled noisily against its saucer,” (Joyce 82). South Terrace The South Terrace is the location of Joyce’s family home as per the text. Simon tells

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