Letter from Dilsey to the church’s pastor

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Dilsey, 47 AC, Mississippi. Dear humble servant of the Lord, I trust you have been excellent and that the Lord has kept you well. Today I write this letter to seek your guidance on issues that have taken over my life. I must confess that I am one of the most fortunate African- Americans. I have had the opportunity to interact freely with persons of the white community. I have spent much of my life as a house servant for the Compsons’ family, a white family. I have several issues that are troubling my heart, and lately, I am not having sufficient piece of mind. I have lived with the Compsons' for so long that we have become an integrated family. My driving force to write you this letter oozes out of religious leader Shegongs' Easter sermon. When he preached on the greatest equalizing factor of death, my mind and heart got thrown into disarray. His sermon reminded me of one of Mr. Compsons' brightest child Quentin Compson.I am yet to get over his demise, and his memories keep coming back from time to time. This particular young man committed suicide after joining Harvard University. I attribute His death to several home factors. Even though I did try my best to secure his childhood upbringing, I did not manage fully. My master and his wife failed in a way to instill the parental love that the boy needed. In spite of this realization, I am still troubled that I was not there to have the last word with him before he took his own life. It is this failure that has keep my spirit grounded, and I am unable to move forth with my soul at peace. Moreover, reverend Shegong in his sermon talked of the beginning and the ending of everything. His powerful words still echo in

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