Lessons from the Assembly Line

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The author’s goal seems to have changed since the “Lessons from the Assembly line” article focuses on education and life as compared to the “Turning Off, Dining In,” which focuses on life and technology. The author has been inspired to write this article after working as a temp in the factories surrounding his hometown. The author tries to show how education is an important tool in a young person’s life and dropping out of school to go and work does not guarantee one the right life. Despite working for many hours, one gets a very little income at the end of the day and the job security is not guaranteed. The author points out that a person doing blue collar jobs lives knowing that his or her job can disappear overnight. The hard life that the author faces in the factories shows how his life would have been if he was not going to college. Through such an experience, he concedes that education is precious just as the advice and the public announcement he had received. However, there are individuals who might argue that there are better part time jobs that one can do other than doing the hard labor in the factories. Just like the author’s friends who were taking easier part-time jobs during the summer never understood why he was so relieved to come back to school in the fall. Such groups of people are likely to forfeit their classes just to and work as compared to the author who had seen a hard life in the factories that he could not leave the classes for that job. I agree with the author’s point that without proper education, one is likely to be absorbed by a blue collar job, which is usually composed of hard labor and lacks job security. Educations equip

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