Leisure Facilities

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Student: Professor: Course: Date: Leisure Facilities Leisure facilities comprise resources and equipment which are used by people during their free time. In most cases, individuals spend time in these facilities doing the things they have interest in and can enjoy. There are different leisure facilities which include swimming pools, sports centers, cinemas or even parks. In most cases, these resources are situated in the same building for convenience (Liu, 2009). An example is a sports center and a swimming pool where people go swimming after participating in sports activities. There are two main leisure facilities in our area. One of them is student accommodation, and the other is a gym. These facilities fit in a field near an institution where students have a lot of free time. The gym and the accommodation are situated in a town near the college in our area. This is because students need something to keep them busy when they are free from their regular duties. Most of them visit these recreational facilities during the weekends because they do not have classes to attend. The student accommodation provides various services and products to the clients. They offer meals to the people who visit the facility at low prices. It also offers accommodation to the people who attend gym services to give them adequate time to relax (Howard, 2007). Apart from giving accommodation, it also provides entertainment facilities like music and movies. There is also access to a free WIFI network in the accommodation. On the other hand, the gym offers gym services to the clients. It has equipment which is used by people who visit it to strengthen their muscles and burn the

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