leftover food in America

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Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Leftover Food in America The debate on leftover food in America has attracted a lot of attention from various stakeholders including the government, government agencies, and advocacy groups as well as the members of the public. The main reason for the concern is due to surveys that have shown that majority of households in the United States throw away a lot of food regarding leftovers and spoilt produces. According to a study by the food waste coalition ReFED, an estimated 27 million tons of food are wasted each year with its effect costing the economy more than $ 144 billion a year (Dewey). Consequently, the main problems associated with food wastage other than income include clogging landfills as well as emission of greenhouse gases and pollution of the surrounding environment. In short, this proposal is for research on the issue of leftover food in America and how the problem could be solved. Contrarily, the purpose of the paper will be to explain the problem of food wastage in America with the aim of creating awareness to the population and sensitive them on how they could reduce food wastage in their households. In the explanation, the proposal will provide statistical data on the number of resources wasted in the form food thrown away. Additionally, the paper will analyze the problems incorporating the causes and how it started to provide the basis for the recommendation and convincing the audience that this is a significant problem that needs an immediate solution. The third purpose is to argue that there are various methods that could be utilized to reduce food wastage in the form of leftovers and spoilt produce.

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