leftove food in america

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Leftover Foods in America Name: Institution: Leftover Foods in America Most of the times when we watch the news or read newspapers on world matters it is hard to miss an article about people dying of hunger in various parts of the globe. Food shortage is a major concern to many governments in especially in the developing nations such that they have specific governmental ministries to ensure food security of its people. Furthermore, among the political agendas in their campaigns is to assure their people on how they are going to ensure there is enough food for their population. The US has shown a concern about the huge amount of leftovers that are disposed of by its citizen especially as it was evidenced during the past year. It is a big irony that on one corner of the world people are dying of hunger and most of them are lucky if they get one meal a day, while on the other corner of the globe; they have excess that they throw away food every day until it has become an environmental concern. Despite the huge amounts of leftovers and spoilt food that is disposed by the US citizens, a significant proportion is not aware of just how much food is wasted. According to EPA (U.S EPA Website, 2017), one of the things that fill the landfills is wasted foods which amount to millions of tons per year. In 2014, a report indicated that the amount of food wastage that ended in the landfills was estimated to be more than 38 million tons which is a huge large amount while someone else is sleeping hungry (US EPA Website, 2017). Food wastage has become a huge problem in the United States with a survey from the Natural Resources Defense Council in the year 2012 indicating that the

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