Leadership through constraints and limiting factors

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Leadership through Constraints and Limiting Factors Student’s Name Institution Course Instructor’s Name Date Leadership through Constraints and Limiting Factors Introduction Throughout the journey through the Endurance, several aspects of management and businesses can be withdrawn from the actions of the stakeholders of the trip. For example, the elements of leadership styles, exploration, project management, and procurement can be seen being into practice in the case or journey. The case can be insightful to the today’s organizational leaders as they can learn how to lead their businesses in the trying times. Summary of the Case Shackleton and a group of 27 men departed to be the first to cross Antarctica (Koehn, 2010). As the journey continued, the ship became frozen with ice from the Weddell Sea, which carried the Endurance off the route, away from the destination. In October 1915, ten months later, the Endurance underwent irrecoverable destruction by the huge ice glaciers and sinks. The sinking made Shackleton and his troop leave the ship and settle on the iceberg (Koehn, 2010). Shackleton later landed in an unpopulated Elephant Island (Koehn, 2010). Also, Shackleton and his five other crew, in April 1916, travel in a lifeboat from Elephant Island back to South Georgia Island, in which they traverse the unexplored inland to obtain support at a whaling area. After many trials and four months, the crew comes back to save the remaining 22 men who were still breathing. History of the Company and Nature of the Industry The Royal Geographical Society (RGS) was established in London in 1830. The company promoted the development of scientific and

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