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Leadership Blog Student’s Name InstitutionLeadership -1377955588000 Astute leaders chart a path where they are always ready to realign their leadership style to conform to the changing times. Changes may occur in the internal or external environments of the business, but wherever change occurs, the company must always stay abreast of the presented challenges (Nahavandi, 2015). Leadership does not entail sitting in a corner office and giving directions and deadlines but ensuring that there is harmony between the various sects of an organization. Implications of leading in a changing global business environment 1386840102997000In a changing business environment, organizations tend to stretch their tentacles beyond their anticipation at the foundation stage. Technology renders many aspects of ordinary business conduct obsolete in no time. Also, there is the need to expand for any business to remain competitive in a cutthroat business world. All the changes that take place in commerce require a leader that would help an organization wade the waters with ease (Nahavandi, 2015). Appreciation of diversity should be among the top priorities of any business in the current commerce environment. Leaders should always encourage innovation and creativity among employee. Innovation and creativity maintain the relevancy of an enterprise amid stiff competition (Nahavandi, 2015). Consumers continually demand value for their money, and this is only possible through creativity and innovation when a business operates in a changing global atmosphere (Nahavandi, 2015). The Team Leadership Model and how this relates to the current business practices Team leadership exists to

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