Leadership and innovation in health care

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Leadership and Innovation in Health Care Name: Institution: Leadership and Innovation in Health Care The development of organizational infrastructure and creative innovations are some of the emerging issues in the health care industry. The industry stands to benefit profoundly through creative innovation and the development of relevant infrastructures. The new set of society needs require organizations in various industries to employ the use of technology to achieve customer satisfaction. The health care industry, for instance, needs to change its infrastructure to serve the new breed of patients who are knowledgeable and aggressive. Several issues must be changed to achieve effectiveness in the development of infrastructure and innovation in the health care industry. First, the traditional system in which health care facilities have been operating needs to change completely to allow innovation to take place in each unit. Hierarchical mode of operation, the superiority of specific disciplines in the industry, compartmentalization, and medically controlled systems in the healthcare industry must change to allow for infrastructural development and innovation (Grady & Malloch, 2010). In addition, equity, decisional structure, and alignment are three contextual characteristics that must be implemented in every health care facility that seeks to achieve innovation and infrastructural development at this age. Equity brings the appreciation of all disciplines within the industry. More often than not, some disciplines in the health care industry are glorified at the expense of the others. Health care managers and leaders need to come to a realization that all

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