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Nursing: Leadership Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Date Nursing: Leadership Interpersonal collaboration (IPC) is a critical aspect of the working environment. Through IPC, it has become easier to solve workplace complex issue among other problems. IPC helps a work team to share ideas, skills, and knowledge that assists them to grow at the individual and organization level (Green & Johnson, 2015). As such, clinical practices should endorse interpersonal collaboration as a means of encouraging teamwork, proper decision- making, and problem-solving. Interpersonal collaboration has been tested for a long time. However, it has always emerged as one of the successful approaches to enhancing people of diverse opinion, and qualification to work together for the benefit of clients in health care. In fact, I encountered such a scenario when I was an intern. At this level, the interpersonal collaboration was hampered due to diverse individual and organization factor that was not handled with care. In this scenario, the interns are directly managed by the internship coordinator. However, duties are allocated by their immediate supervisors. During one of the working days, a fellow intern asks for a day off to attend to personal issues. However, she submitted her request to the internship coordinator as opposed to the immediate supervisor as required. Without further consultation, her request was approved while, on the other side, the supervisor had allocated her some duties for the following day. When the day came, the workplace had a shortage of attendance, and some patient went unattended while others missed their dosage. Though their health conditions

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