Lazarus stress theory

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Lazarus Stress Theory: Cognitive Appraisal and Coping Concepts Name Institutional Affiliation Date Lazarus Stress Theory: Cognitive Appraisal and Coping Concepts The Lazarus stress theory has undergone some changes since it was first developed. The latest theory regards stress to be an interpersonal concept. According to Khrone (2002), Lazarus stress theory states that stress is not a type of external stimulus. It is also not a particular pattern of subjective, behavioral, or psychological reactions. Rather, stress is a two-way relationship between an individual and the environment. It is a relationship where the individual has two options to manage a stressful environment. Either, he appraises the environment’s significance in regards to his well-being, or the individual uses resources to cope with the stressful environment. Both appraisal and coping are important concepts in Lazarus stress theory although appraisal is more critical to the theory. The cognitive appraisal theory is a better concept of managing stress. It helps an individual to have a better understanding of the causes of a stressful environment. The concept arose from the idea that various emotional processes, including stress, are highly dependent on the experiences of an individual. The concept explains the intensity, duration, and quality differences among individuals and the time frame of a provoked stressful emotion in an environment with factors equal to all. As a result, it is assumed that appraisal patterns generate, maintain and alter the stressor’s environment. Situational and personal factors influence the appraisals (Khrone, 2002). There are two forms of appraisal: secondary

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