Larsen describes business differences between traditional views and sustainable views.

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Larsen Traditional and Sustainability Views According to Larsen, businesses are currently compelled by the existing changes to think on the effect of their operations on the natural surroundings. To a large extent, this has been facilitated by rapidly expanding the population, growth in the overall economy as well as increased transparency demand from the public. In other words, firms are currently faced with increasing pressure to acclimatize with the current constrained world (Larson, et al., 11). In this regard, most of the prevailing business models are influenced by advanced entrepreneurial practices that tend to offer varied ways of operating businesses in the contemporary society. According to the Americans 2008 opinion polls, most of the citizens have expressed their support for environmental issues. The concern has greatly increased especially due to human-influenced climatic shift leading to health as well as ecological challenges. In fact, climatic change experienced by 2010 is associated to energy efficiency and efficiency that captured the attention of both conservative and liberal members of the state (Larson, 304). The approach relied on the belief of saving energy to save money and engaging inventive technology instead of federal changes and mandates to social practice to prevent emissions. The main idea behind climate attracting greater concentration among all other environmental issues is that its effect is likely to lead to expenses ranging between 20 to 5 percent of the total GDP of the state especially if little or nothing is done to curd all climatic interference practices (Leach, 46). Surprisingly,

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