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Student’s name Professor’s name Course DateElectrostatics Lab Objectives To verify the existence of the two types of electrostatic charges (positive and negative) and understand them. To understand, as defined by the Coulomb’s law, how the electroscope behaves when charged rods are close to it interacting with the present charges in the electroscope. To visualize the transfer of charges between the electroscope, charged rods and other objects and to comprehend how the charges are recorded by the electroscope. Introduction Electrostatic is a term used to define stationary charges. All materials are comprised of two charges; positive and negative charges. In metals (conductors) negative electric charges move freely while in plastics (insulators), electric charges are fixed. Electroscopes are devices that are used to identify the absence or the presence of electric charges. They are in different forms but essentially, they have metallic rings that support a metal post with an aluminum needle rotating inside the ring. An insulating plastic separates the ring from the post to prevent a charge flow from the post to the ring. The charge, however, can flow from the metal post to the needle. Coulomb's laws state that charges exert forces on each other when brought closer to one another. Like charges repel each other while unlike charges attract each other (Davies 393). Materials 1 each electroscope kit with electrostatics accessories 1 grounding wire with an alligator clip Procedure Exercise 1: Inducing a Charge on the Electroscope A circular disk terminal was positioned on the electroscope then a ground wire was used to touch the top metallic

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