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Research Proposal for Khan Academy Name Institution Research Proposal for Khan Academy Data Collection This research study purposes to determine the effectiveness of Khan Academy as a teaching and instruction approach with the focus being on mathematics learning. A descriptive-correlational research design will be applied to accomplish this objective. The choice of research design is guided by the research objectives. The selected research methodology makes it possible to record and appraise the hypotheses and variables being scrutinized (Martella, Nelson & Morgan, 2013). The variables, both the dependent and independent variables, are not to be altered even if new influences that may cause variation are presented. Of particular interest is how the education approaches affect student outcomes in standard tests (Bernard, 2011). Data collection will be conducted in two stages. The first stage is the secondary information collection that entailed perusing relevant peer-reviewed literature and presentation that information they contain and which is considered relevant to the topic presented for the research. This phase will be accomplished by collecting information sources from publications to include documents, articles, books and online databases. In addition, search engines would be used to collect information by focusing on key words, phrases and terms that can be linked to the research topic. The information collected from the secondary sources would then be used to establish the literature review, which presents information in relation to the research intentions (Whitley, Kite & Adams, 2012). The second stage will involve primary data being acquired

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