Key Trends in Global Financial Markets

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Key Trends in Global Financial Markets There are various key trends in the global financial market. These trends include: 1. Machinery management of assets 2. Cash and electronic payment cutting line 3. The efforts of integration and globalization. The trend of machinery management of assets denotes the ongoing debate on the technological advancement where machines in managing assets manipulate data. There is also the trend involving finding the cutting line between the usage of cash and the electronic payments. Despite the much advancement in electronic models of transactions, there is still a preference of usage of cash among people. Financial analysts associate transactions by use of cash with strong shadow economy. However, there is also an association of electronic transaction with card fraud, which is also highly degrading, economically. The other trend concerns efforts of integration and globalization. In embracing the trend, there is the creation of expansive financial opportunities with the aid of elements such as liberalization of markets, technological progress as well as advancement in telecommunication. The trends will affect the KSA financial institutions and economy n varied ways. There would be many efforts towards the enhancement of technology so as to have quick processing of financial data for assets management. There would also be advancement towards globalization through the embrace of technology and permeation of liberal markets to match the globalization demands. There would also be over viewing of the distinction between usage of cash and the electronic systems. The Saudi Vision 2030 The Saudi Vision 2030 denotes an enthusiastic, yet achievable

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