Kenyan’s Rape Beading

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Chapter 12 Discussion: Beading Is ‘beading’ ethical? No. Beading is unethical. In addition to interfering with a girl's spousal choice, it upholds immorality. It is a practice that supports incest and allows sexual relations between individuals from the same familial lineage. As a matter of fact, the classification of girls as the property is considered unethical. They should be treated as human beings without infringement of their rights. There is no ethicality in beading young girls because it interferes with their ability to acquire education. Through beading, women appear to be sexual objects. It is quite unethical to deprive these females of their freedom of speech and decision making. Are the actions of the activists taking girls from the village ethical? It is ethical for the activists to take these girls from the village. Even if these girls emanate from cultures that support beading, any form of assistance should be offered to them. When they are taken out of the village, these girls are prevented from contracting diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Since taking them out of the village impacts their physical well-being, it also alleviates their mental health. Most of these girls are often traumatized due to the oppressive and derogative nature of beading, as a cultural practice. Can you apply the five-phase ethical decision-making model to this ethical dilemma? Yes. The five-phase ethical decision-making model applies to this ethical dilemma. After recognizing the problem, it is clear that individuals explore beading from an in-depth perspective. From there, they strive to find different ways of solving the problem. In the case of beading, there are

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