Juvenile Participation in Gangs

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Juvenile Participation in Gangs Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Juvenile participation in gangs is a worrying issue. Nations spend a lot to deter such vices, but these efforts are not as effective as they ought to be. It is imperative that the concerned stakeholders explore the reasons that attract the young people to join gangs, and offer solutions that counter the very reasons. The criminal justice system has a vital role in deterring people from engaging in vices. It should focus on the issue more and help in offering solutions. The society at large also has a role to play. It should create the much-needed awareness and come up with other solutions to counter the trend. Previous research on the issue should be considered to deal with it. The Bible also offers lessons that can help to find out the motives that the young people harbor, which make them decide to join the gangs. The information from previous research and the Bible can also help in the crafting of the solutions. Keywords: Juvenile, gang, justice, bible, solution, vices Juvenile Participation in Gangs Introduction The youths are a critical part of the society because the future of particular nations depends on them. If they stay focused, they will pass invaluable knowledge to the future generations. However, juveniles are more susceptible to engaging in vices than older people are (Siegel, & Worrall, 2018). The bible says that the imagination of the youth’s heart is evil (Genesis 8:2, The New Jerusalem Bible). They are more inclined to do evil than good and engaging in such evils compromises their ability to become invaluable citizens. Juvenile participation in gangs is one of the

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