Julius Caesar

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Name Tutor Course Date Roman Empire: Political Julius Caesar Analysis The article presents an interesting part of the history of the Roman Empire, including the rise to power and the eventual demise of one of its greatest leaders, Julius Caesar. The article contains important and interesting information on the events that brought to an end the Roman Republic, one of the greatest civilizations in the ancient period. The history of the Roman Empire has been interesting to many historians, including the controversy surrounding the rise and death of Julius Caesar. The article presents the history of the empire, from the introduction of the Roman system of government, which was effective during the period of the city-state before the expansion to a vast empire (Carson). During the initial period of the expansion, the system was still effective, but with the increase in the problems that emerged, it could no longer work well. The problems with the consulate suggested that it was time for a more effective system of government to be sought. Major changes occurred under the leadership of various governors and military leaders, including Marius, who controlled the army in the defeat of Celtic raiders in Cisalpine Gaul. Sulla also brought about major changes before resigning his powers in 79. This opened room for more ambitious leaders including Pompey who was able to secure commands against the Mediterranean’s pirates in 67, as well as in the East, the Mithridates in 66. These were the predecessors of Caesar, whose effects on the empire were different. Carson (1957) suggests that the rise of Caesar to power was out of the same ambitions has had brought Pompey to

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