Judgement Day: Intelligent Design on Trial

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Name Course Instructor Date Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial. Introduction The “Judgement day: Intelligent design on trial” Is a video documentary on the case of Kitzmiller vs. a district school in Dover. The documentary presents conflicting views of residents, teachers, scientists, and lawmakers on the incorporation of the intelligent design in science classes in the school. The documentary also re-enacts scenes of the official trial based on the formal transcript of the case. The legal battle ensued when the board of the district school in Dover, Pennsylvania unanimously voted against including the intelligent design in science textbooks used for teaching. Buckingham, a board member, supporting the introduction of the new curriculum, went ahead to draft a statement to be read by all biology tutors. The statement to be read before teaching any Evolution unit required that teacher informs students the weaknesses and problems in Darwin’s evolution theory and informing each student that a copy of intelligence design book is available for any interested student. The trial presents a problem where the judge has to decide whether the intelligent design is just a modified name for creationism, which had already received a ban from schools for its religious nature. The documentary presents a legal battle that divided the Dover community over the teaching of evolution as the explanation for existence and survival in public schools. The paper describes the evidence given by both sides of the court case and the decision of the judge in the fierce legal battle of science. Discussion Darwin’s theory of evolution explains life over the course of a very

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