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Journal Entry for Looking for Alibrandi In the previous chapters, we see how Josephine develops her attitude against the members of her family. She finally understands that her family matters and understanding each and every member of her family is the only key to having a happy family. The last five chapters of the story, however, talk about Josephine’s relationship with her friends and Michael. We see a lot of bonding between her and her father; this bonding is taken to a new level in these last five chapters. Also, we see mixed emotions in Josephine. She goes through heartbreaks and at the same time spends more time with her school girlfriends. Like in the previous chapters where we see her trying to discover herself with her family, we see her maintain the close relationship between her and her friends. She has also discovered who she is and what she stands for; this is evidence of the developmental growth she has had throughout the story. As such, this journal entry will focus on the themes executed in chapter 28 to chapter 32 and examine how the author deals with the themes in each chapter. Chapter 28 In this chapter, the main themes are relationship and friendship. Here, the story is about the death of John Barton. After Josephine and John talk about their lives the previous day, she finds out the next morning that John committed suicide. She is really upset by the news of John’s death. They had started having a close relationship where they trusted each other with their personal problems. The news of her death breaks her heart and leaves her wondering if she had the chance to stop John from committing suicide. The death becomes a blow to her. On the other

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