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Job Recruit Introduction In this paper, I will assume the role of a manager working at a small IT firm and dealing with IT issues in branches of a bank in Scarborough. Following the advice of the Centennial College’s chair, I have decided to recruit one student out of the overall population of students in the BUS 140 class as well as three additional courses. In general, I expect about 80 candidates to show their interest in the post. My first task will involve resume screening to slice the number of applicants to have just 8 of them for an interview. The following is an out of how I would handle the task. Resume Screening Some of the things I will focus on when selecting the applicants for interview include the story told in the resume. Most students and job seekers tend to draft a list of jobs that might not even hold together, but I would like to focus on those who paint portraits of job candidates. I will also look for the applicant’s skills set. Unless the student has experience and prowess in solving problems and dealing with IT issues, he/she is unfit for the post. I will also focus on the red flags in the student’s resume. A resume with “references available when requested” indicate that the student has been dismissed from at least on the job, and, although it is not is not necessarily a bad experience, it indicates that the applicant’s discipline record is not impeccable. The next things I will look for in the resume are the hard facts versus fluffs. A strong candidate is one who supports the assertions in his/her resume with a set of facts. For example, “I scored A in the last IT examination and B in Banking” are facts. However, statements such

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