Jeremiah the Prophet

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Jeremiah the Prophet Student Institution Date Jeremiah the Prophet In Anathoth, a Benjamite is born to priest Hilkiah From a religious-righteous boy to a preacher, prophesying Fall of Judah Jeremiah is the name, the seventh prophet, the author of lamentation, Jeremiah, and Kings His wisdom and teachings a beaming light to five kings of Judah, all the Israelites Josiah, Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, and Zedekiah learned from his teachings (Knowles, 2001; pg. 2007) A lamenting prophet setting Judah from crooked ways A witness in fall of Judah, a people worshipping Baal Departing from the Covenant, forsaking the creator Oh, his message angered the crooked, plotting to end his mission Jeremiah, May Jehovah exalt in our time May good Lord set our path straight, protect us from evil You lived to your name guiding a lost kingdom to glory and lamenting its fall A preaching prophet delivered Judah from the idolatrous practices to repentance A new world, similar woes as lamented Jeremiah, fake prophets People lying to prosper prosperity, killing for power and wealth Twisted society worshipping earthly things and hates the truthful Righteous go hungry while the corrupt, wicked and killers prosper Like kings in Jeremiah’s time, politicians bend rules and deviate from the law Preachers taking from poor, orphans and sick to build their world So many-more men of God exploiting followers, hyenas among sheep Misusing religion to amass wealth, power, influence and connection Oh Jeremiah, may your wisdom reign in our sinking world Jeremiah, May Jehovah exalt in our time May good Lord set our path straight, protect us from evil You

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