Jehovah Witness Church

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Jehovah Witness Church Among the many doctrines that are the basis of different denominations, there exists Jehovah Witness church. It is a denomination that has its beliefs set far from what orthodox churches preach and which could be said to have the least following, albeit their daily house calls and handouts that they give to other believers to spread awareness of their sect. Many believe that Jehovah Witness is a cult because of their denial of what other ‘false’ churches believe. These are the one denomination that believes that other churches are wrong in their belief of the Holy Trinity and only worship in “kingdom halls,” rather than in churches. Charles Taze Russell started this denomination upon conversion to agnosticism by an atheist. He, however, attended an Adventist meeting and he got interested in the Bible when he heard that Jesus would be back soon. When this did not happen, Adventists left church and Russell decided to form his church. He got followers whom he taught that they were living in a world that was ruled by Satan. Later when he died, the sect was named Jehovah Witness. His successor showed people how to give testimonies and taught them to be Anti-Catholics. More perplexing are their beliefs. These Witnesses do not believe in treating their sick as this destroys the sanctity of the body. They consider the cross to be a pagan idol and are superstitious about demons, which they consider to be roaming on earth. They have an exact number of the people who will go to heaven and find the soul mortal. With these scary and false beliefs, doing a Jehovah Witness church and its beliefs is

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