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Photo gallery An outline of the fort shows that its wall created a triangle throughout the church, storeroom and several Bulwarks (raised platforms) for cannons and was constructed at the three angles to guard against a likely attack by the Spanish. Below replica of Susan Constant Boat . Colonial Times Southern Edition Date of publication All the Information needed to have a better life in a new world . . . turn your frown upside down and move to https://www.historyisfun.org/jamestown-settlement/history-jamestown/ http://www.history.com/topics/jamestown https://Myhrw.com your Future is here and Now Be here or be square about our colony This original colony was chartered by King James I and was funded by a London organization known as the Virginia Company, which was made up of several shareholders who anticipated to get huge returns from this project. The venture was hoping to find gold, silver, jewels and a quicker passage to the Pacific Ocean and the Orient. Their voyage began in December 1606 from England. 105 passengers boarded The Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery to the new world off the Virginia Coast named after the Queen of England. Captain Christopher Newport led this expedition. The settlers arrived off the coast of Virginia in May 1607. All but one passenger survived the voyage to the new world. There were several reasons why England wanted to create a new colony. The colony was loyal to England and supported English goals by hoping to expand the English empire overseas. They were also in search of a quicker route to the Orient and proselytized the Virginia Indians to the Anglican belief. The colony was

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