Issues with racism such as, poverty, immigration, money, healthcare, etc and what laws can we change.

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Outline Thesis: Issues associated with racism are many and affect the victims in one way or another; therefore there the laws should be changed to ensure that they endorse the practices that unite people rather than those that lead to the problem. Racism issues have been affecting the standards of living of various individuals, especially in America. It is evident that medical service provision is not accessible to some people due to the problem of racism. Financial racism is also an issue, especially in the urban communities. Wealth generation among various individual is at times difficult due to racial discrimination; immigration also can be denied due to racism. Changing laws can lead to a reduction of this problem Researchers have proofed that the problem of racism can be done away with by use of legislation. The laws that can be changed so as to minimize racism are those that govern how medical services are provided. How people behave in the workplace can also be corrected by introducing new laws. Institutions and schools also can assist a lot by ensuring that their students are thought about measures of anti-racism. Issues of racism Racism is considered traditionally to be an unfavorable attitude towards individuals from other races. It has gone on to be a tradition especially in the American society and has affected the minorities adversely. Racism has posed several challenges and issues such as inadequate health care, poverty, and difficulty in immigration. The discrimination that is experienced in most societies is mainly racial-based (Hughey, Matthew W. 70). Racism leads to many

Free Issues with racism such as, poverty, immigration, money, healthcare, etc and what laws can we change. Essay Sample

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