Ischemic Colitis

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Ischemic Colitis Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: The Emergency Situation and the Criteria defining the Emergency A 65-year old male patient reported to the hospital's emergency department after a series of bowel-related pains. The most outstanding symptoms were the tenderness and pain in the stomach that recurred after every three minutes. There was a feeling of urgency to move the bowel, diarrhea, and a maroon-colored blood or bright red color in the stool. The pain remained persistent on the left side of the belly and hence an immediate clinical diagnosis was required. To properly define the condition and the nature of the emergency, two tests were recommended. The abdominal and ultrasound CT scans were to be administrated so as to provide images of the colon in ruling out both the ischemic colitis condition and probably the inflammatory bowel disease. The other test was the MRI and CT angiographies to provide images on the blood flow to the intestines and to examine the availability of any blocked intestines. The latter test was strongly recommended since the patient's reported symptoms indicated of the possibility of a severe ischemic colitis. The Patient’s Signs and Symptoms and their Pathophysiology The patient complained of regular, recurring abdominal pains particularly on the right side of the stomach. Also, the cramping and tenderness in the stomach which accompanied abdominal pains (Mayo Clinic, 2017). At times, the patient would pass blood instead of stool and sometimes complain of a bright red and a maroon-colored stool with blood stains. There was nausea, diarrhea, and a regular urgency to move the bowels and pass stool (Mayo

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