is the canadian government doing enough to ensure that the environment is safe and healthy?

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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: What the Canadian Government is doing to Ensure Healthy and Safe Environment The issue of environment safety has been a hot topic in the world being highlighted by the media and the environmentalist every day. Many governments are struggling with issues such as global warming, pollution and waste management in their countries. Environmental pollution or change has great impacts in the lives of humans and animals. The health of many people is threatened by unhealthy environment leading to diseases such as cancer, cholera and also disabilities. Research has shown that cases of the unhealthy environment have risen due to increase in increase in industrialization and population. Therefore, with the rate of pollution to our environment governments have taken policies to fight this issue to protect the citizens. With states adopting these initiatives, the Canadian government is not an exception. The Canadian government has put into place measures that are contributing to making the environment safe for the Canadians. With the many policies, this government has established it's clear that it's doing everything possible to battle the environmental issue in the country. Below are some illustrations that describe the effort put in by the Canadian government to provide a safe environment. The government of Canada has made it a right of every citizen to have access to clean water. The country is endowed with large natural resources of water such as large rivers and lakes. It’s due to this right that the government came up with a plan to provide clean water in 2007and 2008. It approved funds that would be used in cleaning up

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