Is Hate Speech Free Speech?

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Is Hate Speech Free Speech? Quote 1 According to the Supreme Court, injurious words are not allowed by the Constitution. This governs the issue of free speech. Hate speech is not free speech. Hate speech is the launching of derogatory words and other forms of slurs directed towards an individual or a group of people. Such expressions also involve bigotry and are mostly products of ignorance and idiocy. The Supreme Court governs the issue of utterances in a well-mannered approach so as to address the issue of what to say and what not to say at specific times. Listening to hate speech, one realizes that the perpetrators do not have concrete reasons as to why they are doing it. Perpetrating hate speech has a very strong and negative effect on the victims. I think that from an emotional to a mental perspective, we have people being hurt. Knowing the category of hate speech is important so that we can address the issue. Hate speech is usually directed to origins, looks, age, sex, status, ethnicity, and disability. Understanding the respect that people deserve is important so that their rights are not infringed. Quote 2 This quote expresses hate speech from a different school of thought. Essentially, hate speech is an expression of bigotry and ignorance. Coupling the two together results in hate speech which is developed by hatred. Most people who hate the others do not have a basis for their characters. Depending on the platform such as media, Internet, and public speeches, hatred can be handled. Free speech is the right of anyone to say his or her views freely. There are laws that grant people the freedom of expression whether

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