Is entertainment an effective reflection of our society?

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Name Professor Title Date Entertainment is an Effective Reflection of Our Society Entertainment is any activity that grips the attention and curiosity of an audience or gives pleasure and glee. There are different sources of entertainment in our society, and people have diverse partialities in them. Some of the sources include theaters, televisions, music, among others. They are essential to deliver relaxation to the mind. Entertainment upsurges the depth of knowledge and advances co-ordination between the mind and the body. However, people are interested to find what is entertaining to them and therefore entertainment is an effective reflection of our society. Both entertainment and society feed each other. Entertainments have a fabulous impact to whittle out how people can feel about a specific topic. Anyone who intent to entertain people, he or she will concentrate on what people want to see or hear. Therefore, in such a situation, entertainment and society nourish one another because both know the necessity for the other. These means, entertainment depends on society and society is influenced by entertainment. Divorce is common in our society. This has made the society to view divorce with less significance. During entertainments, actors show that there is no negative impact that can be associated with divorce and so that is the notion the society upholds. The society views divorce as extremely common. Therefore, since in entertainments the celebrities portray the same, it is a reflection of our society. In most cases, whatever is used to entertain people must have happened somewhere. When a movie is acted, it gives a reality that happened or happens.

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