Is Child Obesity a Reflection of Parental Negligence?

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Child Obesity in Reflection to Parental Negligence Student Name Institution Affiliation Child Obesity in Reflection to Parental Negligence Danese, A., & Tan, M. (2014). Childhood maltreatment and obesity: systematic review and meta-analysis. Molecular psychiatry, 19(5), 544. The author’s point of view was to show how children being mistreated by parents get to be obese in their childhood or even later in their adulthood. Sexual abuse by parents keeps a child stressed up and also develop psychological disorders which then become factors to obesity. The systematic review is relevant through the research in the field where adults who have lived their lives being obese explains how they were mistreated when they were children. There is plenty information in the article that I will use in my research. It gives insights that stress can lead to obesity through elements of weight management during prenatal care. Today’s population is experiencing such aspects which I want to study. Gibson, L. Y., Allen, K. L., Byrne, S. M., Clark, K., Blair, E., Davis, E., & Zubrick, S. R. (2016). Childhood Overweight and Obesity: Maternal and Family Factors. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 25(11), 3236-3246. The research on how maternal and family factors can lead to child overweight and obesity indicates that there is a relationship between maternal weight during pregnancy of the mother and the weight of the current grown child. There is evidence through some research that families with parents who were initially overweight that the child will grow to be obese. Families with one parent are the vulnerable group for a child to be obese. The author seconds Mech,

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