Is art primarily a product of our background, our imagination or our patronage

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Name Institution Course Date Is Art Primarily a Product of Our Background, Our Imagination or Our Patronage? Art can be defined as the application of imagination and creative skills in the production of works, sculpture, or painting. There exist different thoughts as to whether art is a representation of our background, patronage, or imagination. The role of this essay is to elucidate on the imaginative aspect of art.The involvement of arts is to give expression to our individual understanding, creativity, and imagination (Shoemaker and Reese, 204). The extent of the imagination of art is created when art is viewed as an important ingredient of life. The realization of imagination is felt when art is used to rekindle a sense of appreciation, emotion, and perception. The development of creative skills of art enables the formation of ideas, new challenges, and new experiences (Davies and Alperson, 207). The overall goal is in the realization of personal satisfaction achieved through art. The involvement of arts in individual life facilitates the process of solving personal problems, gaining analytical skills, and persistence towards excellence. Through imaginations, it becomes possible to cultivate authentic curiosity and liveliness for the entire world (Tsien, 101). The attributes of increased curiosity present an opportunity for social and personal consciousness necessary for social living in a culturally diverse world. In essence, the focus is the recognition of art as a crucial aspect of human creativity (Furlong, 85). Looking at art as a product of imagination can thus be seen as a crucial embodiment, rather than the concentration on art as part of our

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